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The six main areas of performance are what make PowerTronic a leader in power transmission technology. We serve the needs of our customers to lead to what matters: success.

  • Customized solutions according to requirements
    Whenever it comes to drives, solutions are not aimed at the feasible, but at the drive technology that best meets the requirements.
  • Supply of catalog motors in small and large series
    Whether small quantities or the short-term supply of large series: The focus is on meeting requirements in every form as quickly as possible.
  • Top quality of the products
    Many years of experience and comprehensive know-how ensure a product range that is aimed at both universal and specific applications.
  • Wide range of applications
    The areas of application for modern drive technology, whether for use in the economy or at the consumer, are so varied that it is possible to speak of limitless possibilities.
  • Very wide product range
    The extensive range of innovative drive technology enables the customer to access a large number of products at any time, aiming at reliability and innovation.
  • In focus: the price-performance ratio
    Everything that needs to be moved needs a reliable, stable drive technology: In addition to decisive performance features – such as the noise and noise level as well as electrical and mechanical parameters – it is the calculated lifetime of drive motors that brings price together with performance.

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