Z-Series: New high-performance planetary gearmotors


With the PL-Z series “High Torque | Low Noise | Long Life”, Powertronic Drive Systems is expanding its product portfolio with four powerful planetary gearmotors, available with brushed DC and BLDC motors.

With outer diameters ranging from 32 to 82mm, this series is particularly characterized by high torque combined with low noise levels. The rated voltage is 24VDC as standard, but the entire voltage range from 12 to 48 VDC can be served.

With a rated current of just 700mA – in the 32 mm diameter version – the motors already operate extremely efficiently, reaching 4,000 rpm (idle speed 5,000 rpm).

The rated current for the 62mm motor is 5.5 A. This then also produces a considerable torque of 28.7 Ncm, at a rated speed of 3,000 min-1. This corresponds to a rated power of 90 W. The rated speed is 3,000 min-1 as standard but can be wound between 2,000 and 6,000 min-1 according to customer requirements.

A nice side effect is the following: less noise, less wear, longer life.

The gearboxes have up to three stages, with reduction ratios from 3.65 to 393:1, giving a speed range in rated operation of 7.6 to 822 min-1. This gives the largest model an impressive 45 Nm of rated torque with a reduction ratio of 393. 

However, the gearbox is also somewhat larger: a good 80mm in length should already be planned for by the designer.

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